At the origin of Maison N.H, an eco-responsible and social initiative.

For International Women's Rights Day, Maison NH would like to revisit its history and the charitable commitments of the founders of the brand.

The two creators of the brand met through a charitable association.

In 2011, Noriko Ishizaka founded the Hope & Love association in order to raise funds to provide assistance to the victims of the natural disasters that hit Japan. This is where she met Hiromi Sasaki, an active volunteer and future associate. For more than ten years now, the association has continued to raise funds to help populations affected by natural disasters, such as in Nepal and in the Philippines.

After a few years of sharing this charitable project, Noriko and Hiromi co-founded Maison N.H in 2014. Sharing the same commitments and a common love for travel and fashion,  they wish to transmit these values through their creations.

Wishing to highlight the authenticity and the art of unique know-how, they choose to put raffia, a plant native to Madagascar, at the heart of their creations. After many charitable projects carried out together, it is no surprise that their brand is taking the same path by working directly with a committed production workshop. Employing mainly women, the workshop aims to teach them a trade that provides them with sufficient income to gain independence and send their children to school.

The making of the products is not the only step done by women. In our Parisian studios, it's a team made up of 90% women who give free rein to their inspirations to bring you a new summer and timeless collection each season. From the creation workshop, technical control to the marketing department,

We wish to honor women, who play a key role in the success of the brand.

Thus, six years after its beginnings, Maison N.H is an ethical and socially committed brand, a brand made by women, in favor of women.