The Rose Marie Chiné Petit was born from our idea of blending together different colored leaves of raffia which represent for us the Autumn colors: brown and light brown, pastel blue, grey and canary. Our creativity is limitless and that the mastery of the art of crochet in Madagascar can result in unique and raffinate creations. Our Rose Marie Chiné bags will look exquisite in a natural and urban environment as the perfect addition to all your Autumn outfits. The small size of Rose Marie Chiné Petit will make you look so cute and elegant. This bag has a black cotton lining to make it more resilient to the Autumn rainy days. 

Dimensions : W (upper part) 33 cm - (bottom) 22 cm x H19 cm x D 11 cm

Handmade in Madagascar

Made of 100% natural raffia

Every bag is handmade, each product is unique.

The dimensions indicated above and the colours may slightly vary from one product to another.

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