She wanders around under the blazing hot sunlight, enjoying her well deserved free time with her best summer essentials - the Michelle hat and Avril bag. She feels completely care-free listening to her favorite song “Summertime” performed by Ella Fitzgerald.                                                         

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy..”

At this time of the year where days are longer and so are her spare times, the only thing she can think of is the feeling of sun heat on her skin, salted scent of the sea, golden sand running through her fingers, and her dreams of an eternal summer.

She feels confident and protected under the shade of her Michelle hat, while admiring the beautiful Calanques de Cassis, close to Marseille in the South of France. She feels like going for a walk to explore the scenery. She could never feel whole without her favorite Michelle.

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Fille avec Chapeau
Calanques de Cassis
Calanques de Cassis
Fille avec Chapeau
Fille avec Chapeau et Sac regardant la mer
Girl with Bag
Fille avec Chouchou dans la nature
Fille dans la nature
Sac Cercle